I have been playing instruments in total for around 12 years I can play are the guitar, drums and bass. I am self taught on all of these.

I have been playing the drums for a total of 12 years, bass for a total of 8 years and guitar for 7 years. I have had experience of playing in multiple bands ranging from being a drummer to currently being as rhythm in a pop punk band called Down Not Out.

Down Not Out have progressed me as a musician and I’m so much more confident on stage now than when I used to be in other bands. We book shows around the country and are looking at booking a miniature tour next year following the release of our EP Worse For Wear which will be released on the 15th of November 2019.

I began to take music seriously when I decided to pick it up in sixth form. I always enjoyed music but taking music technology as an A-level made me realise things that I didn’t see at GCSE. How recordings work and how you are able to effect moods and have different ways of contributing to so many things.

I began using Logic Pro and Pro Tools in sixth form when taking music technology and I thoroughly enjoyed having the freedom and creativity to be able to record our own songs and having the support from different friends to record covers and original songs alike.