Green Day – Father Of All… rhythm guitar cover

I have chosen to upload a cover of a band who I hold very close to my heart and who have also been a huge inspiration to my guitar playing over the years. Green Day’s genre are punk.

The inspiration from Green Day will be shown in my bands upcoming EP which will be released on November the 15th 2019.

I’ve taken inspiration from many punk and pop punk bands and I have been listening to them as my main genre from a very young age. Upon discovering Green Day around the age of 7 I instantly fell in love with them and have been following them ever since.

My guitar playing is a mixed form of inspiration from Billie Joe-Armstrong of Green Day with his hard strumming and using a style of shoulder strumming with hammering action whilst keeping a strong forearm. From here I also became interested in learning about guitar presets and how each album can have different sounds from guitar and I want to utilise this going forward in future projects and albums.