My previous experiences in recording studio environments range from being a sound engineer and mixing my own songs and other students in sixth form to being a performer for our latest EP in a studio and paying someone to mix our tracks and record them for us. When in sixth form using the recording studio I recorded each of the instruments individually starting with drums and leading on to instruments such as the bass, guitar and percussion before finally finishing off with vocals all through pro tools, however, when recording with my band we did a multitrack recording scratch tracks with each of the instruments as we play along with each other to keep time. This was monitored by us each having a personal mix through earphones. From this we then went back and overdubbed each of our instruments for a clean take before leaving to our sound technician to do all of the mixing and mastering.

Our sixth form set up was a small mixing desk, a dual screen mac set up and pro tools along with a few other systems which meant that when recording songs at certain times of the day you could often pick up the sounds of people talking, doors slamming or school bells ringing which around the time of us trying to record coursework could cause issues with noticing these on the recording and having to re-record sections of the track as these sounds were unable to be edit out.

On this module I’m looking forward to getting back to recording and mixing, as our speakers were never 100% in a prime position during sixth form due to the size of the room and so I am looking forward to being able to produce some high quality tracks and being able to mix them.