Analysis of “Jacuzzi Boys – Big One”

Jacuzzi Boys – The Big One on Spotify

I would say the approximate genre of this song would be Indie Rock.

The three elements I would say this song has which would make it indie rock would be

  • Solos do not form a very important part of the music
  • Backing vocals are not usually a big feature, so the music tends to be relatively sparse
  • Guitar amplifiers and effects play a big part in the sound of Indie music – The light, sustained tone and use of delays is common in many bands

There are also many more aspect which give this song an indie rock feel including the influences feeling very psychedelic rock.

We can see the fingerprints of indie rock songs here: (October 2019) and I feel this definitely hits a lot of the criteria for it rather than the fundamental’s for a pop song which can be found here:

There is also a handy slideshow which shows the elements of pop music from the 1980’s to now: (October 2019) some more examples can also be found in the following links about how songs can be considered Pop(ular) music (October 2019) (October 2019)

Although this song is what I would consider indie rock it doesn’t mean it would not be popular in their field and if the genre becomes popular this song may be brought with it which would then make the song pop.