The songs I have chosen as inspiration for my final track in Ableton are all under the genre of pop-punk, this is the style of music I identify with the most and where all of my influences and inspirations are from. I have included many techniques that I like in these songs and I have listed the reasons for each of these below.

Green Day – ¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl) – The reason I am taking inspiration from this song is the piano at the beginning of the song which changes tempo at 0:23 seconds in when the vocals also join it before changing again at 0:49 seconds to a kick drum which also makes the whole band come in.

Patent Pending – Hey Mario – I really like the use of 8 bit music in the back of this song, this theme continues through the whole song even being heard in the background of the song whilst all of the instruments are playing as well as having individual segments that are very prominent and work very well with the theme such as replacing the words “shit” and “bitch” with a levelling up coin sound and again a very clever use for this is during 1:55 – 2:01 where the singer says “she’s not the one worth dying for” where some 8 bit death music makes an appearance

Bowling for Soup – 1985 – There are two effects in this song that I like and one is relatively subtle where the other is more obvious. The first effect I like is on the line of “whatever happened to, sitcoms, game shows, on the radio” at 1:47-1:53 on the term of radio they applied an effect to make the vocals sound as if they are coming through a radio as the instruments cut out. The second effect I like is during the break of the line where the singer is asking to make the time stop at 2:35-2:38 where all instruments drop and the only sound can be heard is a ticking clock until he says “and bring back” where all of the instruments join at the same time again.

All Time Low – Stella – There is a line used multiple times in this song which is I’ve had you so many times, let’s face it” which is sung normally until the line after the bridge at 2:54 where they take the line and pan each for of “Let’s face it” from the left ear back to the right before returning back to the centre on the word it.

All Time Low – A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) – The theme for this song is about having a one-night stand and during the second verse Alex uses the line of “nothing more than a casual fuck” at 1:17 but for the word fuck they use almost like a reversed record scratch that slightly blurs the word and I like the effect on this as it is only used once in the song and for a very brief time. I also enjoy the effect at 2:09-2:18 where they have the effect of people chanting which is very similar to the style used in “Gives You Hell” by The All American Rejects.

Set It Off – The Haunting – From the name this song is implicated to have eerie vibes about ghosts, from the very beginning there is the sound of a music box in theme to the music with repeated whispered lyrics in the back on certain lines. When the instruments finally kick in this kicks out, however at 0:55 there’s a brief interlude between the chorus and the verse where the whispering can be heard again along with multiple conversations and then once again at the end of the song the music box can be heard again closing the song at 2:39.

Set It Off – Why Worry – I like the implication of the stomping and clapping at the beginning of this song which leads in to the drum track. My favourite use of techniques in this song is after the line “Take a breath” where the singer stops and takes a breath in to the microphone as the instruments drop out.

Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous – The theme of this song is about breaking in to rich people’s houses and taking their money if they think their lives are so tough. There are again a couple of techniques and effects I like in this song. The first occurs at 0:47 where they take the lyric “fall” and apply an effect to make this sound like it’s falling as the singer runs the note down different scales. The second takes place in the bridge at 2:14-2:25 where the sound of police sirens are present in the background and the use of the “fall” lyric style is used again before the drums kick back in which to me sounds very similar to a gun cocking and firing, this relates to the music video where the band have been arrested and are waiting to find out their verdict in court.

Panic! At The Disco – Don’t Threaten Me with A Good Time – The introduction to this song is sampled from the song Rock Lobster by the B-52’s and Is used in multiple times throughout the song. Fall Out Boy also did something very similar where they sampled The Munsters theme in their song Uma Thurman.

Paramore – Hard Times – The introduction music to this song reminds me of the Crash Bandicoot music which is again used at multiple times throughout the song. I’m not sure if this was intentional but it has had multiple comparisons to the game and Paramore themselves have tweeted about it.