My final track is based on the song Kids in The Dark by All Time Low. I am extremely inspired by pop-punk and stylistically it’s where the genre of my music tends to naturally fall. Artists who I’m inspired by include All Time Low, Green Day, Panic! At The Disco and Set It Off. A lot of these artists have and continue to use samples in their songs and build their own songs around them. This is what I have made an attempt to do in my final track.

 I tried to create a different style of a remix to break out of my comfort zone. I did this by using samples of different parts throughout the song and transposing these, as well as using them to create splice instruments in order to play different rhythms and change the song to make a new one, as well as including instruments around this such as synths and bass jabs to try and build this song more.   

Having only been using Ableton for a short period of time I believe I have done what I can to the best of my skill set. This is completely new to me as I have only use logic pro previously and it has taken a little while for me to get my head around using Ableton. At the start of this course I hated using it and I’m proud how far I have come in the last few months using this. I have already broken down a lot of mental barriers and listening to what I have created overall I’m proud of this.

I do believe there are some improvements that could be made in terms of sounds and using different techniques to expand my track further and learning how to create around other sounds rather than relying on just one singular track and sound to create a song. I believe once I had this ability I would be able to create more in-depth songs and this is a personal goal I want to strive towards with my future of creating tracks. Once I can do this I would like to look into creating more complicated and interesting tracks.