What’s your ‘next rung on the ladder’?

The next rung on the ladder would be to move the band into a position to gain a manager who is able to network and begin to get us playing bigger venues with fans and audience members that we have not brought ourselves in places further afield to what we are playing at the moment such as Birmingham, London as well as festivals across the UK. Over the next 2 – 3 years we will ideally be performing in venues such as O2 academies as support acts.  Every individual in the creative industry always has individual goals as well as long term. In the future, obviously, we would hopefully eventually be headlining shows and also being able to tour, but one step at a time and the next step as I previously addressed would be to get managed and begin playing shows further afield to build up our gigging portfolio. The aim is to make this band a career and not just a hobby.

Who will be your target audience and what do they want to see?

The aim of our target audience is to find someone who is able to manage us who already has contacts or has the ability to make contacts with people across different industries and venues. This could even be someone in the music business classes across the 3 years so long as they were serious about helping the band progress to reach the goals we’re working towards. We would, of course, need to provide an extensive collection of what we have achieved since starting with the band including all the shows we’ve performed, the music we’ve released, the merchandise we have available and our social media logs and posts as well as how active we are across over platforms such as twitch game streaming and how we interact with fans, etc.