Future goals with Down Not Out

Ideally with Down Not Out we would eventually be in a position where we were able to play bigger venues as previously mentioned such as O2 academies as a support act and gradually work up to becoming more established to the point where a few years down the line we would be able to perform as a headline act. Whilst in isolation we have been coming up with ideas to keep fans engaged such as Spotify roulette where we take our artist inspiration playlists and put them on shuffle during a video call and explain to why we added these songs and why we are inspired by them. We are also working on doing some quizzes on members such as who is most likely to do *blank* and have the band vote on this. On top of this, we have also and do continue to live stream game plays with the band and give watchers the opportunity to join us and play. We are also giving fans the opportunity to get to know more about each individual member of the band by popping comments down to suggest what they would like to see us do next. I have also suggested a Down Not Out member takeover of Instagram during the isolation period where each member takes over the Instagram story page for a day and monitors what they have been doing to give a bit of an insight into our lives outside of the band.

Future goals as myself.

I have found that since working in an escape room an interest in atmospheric music and I think it would be interesting to begin creating music for escape rooms to immerse people rather than using stock music, I believe creating something with a unique feel would really impact the room and experience you’re in. I am going to look into developing this over the next few years as I really believe this could change a lot of immersive experiences. Aside from Down Not Out as an individual, I have been playing the guitar for 8 years in total as an independent musician. I am also able to play the Bass and Drums however guitar is my main instrument. I mostly play rhythm, however, recently I have been trying to learn more lead guitar to expand my range as I would eventually love to expand my style and go into playing with musicals across the country as a member of the band/orchestra. My main inspiration for this and the reason I would love to go into performing is the Beetlejuice Musical which has recently been evicted from its home at Winter Garden in New York on Broadway. Since this has happened and they are looking for a new home they have had a large rise in people suggesting that they bring the musical to the west end and put it in London. If this was able to happen over the next few years, I would be extremely enthusiastic of being in a position where I could to put myself forward as a musician for these live performances. I am however aware that this does cost theatres a lot of money and they are moving to a digital platform. I would also love to do sound engineering for west end shows as it would combine both my love for live music and theatre and being able to be part of the crew who transport people away from the real world for a short period of time and fully immerse them in what they’re watching. Alternatively, if this was not a possibility my other strength would be to become an audiovisual technician as I love recreating film trailers to music as well as new music videos and I could definitely see myself doing it in the long run aside from performing and I have been keeping copies of the videos I have created over the past few months since learning how to use video editing software(s).