Forming Down Not Out – I decided to form a cover band in 2018 under the name “New Kinda Tension” with Ryan Stewart as the drummer and myself on rhythm guitar with two other members. It was a band to cover pop-punk bands such as Green Day, All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. Our original lineup gradually changed due to commitment issues and I took Jo Oliver on temporarily as a stand in whilst we found a new member. The whole band ended up with such chemistry that we stayed together permanently which lead to us writing and playing our own songs which then lead to us changing our name to Down Not Out. We then rearranged members and had a switch around so that Jo took over lead guitar which she had never done before, however, Jo and I have always played guitar well together so this change worked well for us, shortly after James Maxwell joined the band as our bass player. In December of 2019 both the band and James mutually agreed that he would leave and in January we took on our newest member of the band Amy Penny who has been with us since. I believe we now have the strongest line up we have had so far when it comes to goals as we’re all driven to wanting the same thing.

Playing Instruments –  the first instrument I began playing was the drums. I was doing this for fun from around the age of 11 and then I got properly in to it at the age of 15 when my dad brought me an electric drum kit. I was completely self-taught and used to play drum covers before joining my first band as their drummer, I remained in this band for just over a year before leaving when I joined sixth form. Although I have continued to play drums throughout the years I have become more proficient across other instruments and so started to play drums less.

From here I moved on to bass guitar at the age of 17 and took a few pointers from Jo as we met in sixth form and Jo could already play bass. It was here that Jo and I formed our first band with a fellow classmate and began performing music together in school shows and events under the name “The Full Moon Theory” this continued throughout sixth form however never became a serious venture for us. Around six months after learning how to play bass guitar I made the transition to acoustic and electric guitar and I found myself picking this up the fastest of all the instruments I have learnt. I was self-taught across all instruments and I have always been fast at learning patterns which made guitar easier.  Since starting guitar in 2012 this has been my main instrument since and I have been working on progressing my skill level on this over the last 8 years. I have been posting guitar covers on my YouTube channel throughout the last 5 years and recently began posting small clips such as guitar solos and parts of covers on my Instagram page.

Recording Instruments – I began gaining experience with recording studios in 2012 with our recording studio in sixth form, whilst in sixth form I recorded drums, vocals, podcasts and guitars along with a wide range of other instruments. After joining university in 2019 I’ve since had experience with recording with a range of different mics across all three categories of dynamic, condenser and ribbon, I’ve also used USB microphones for streaming and home recording. I’ve recorded two full band covers in university which consisted of guitars, vocals, drums and bass and I want to progress further with recording over my next remaining years of university.