EP – Down Not Out released a debut EP with the original lineup of the band – we began recording in July of 2019, This was recorded with a company called Sound Shack Studios in Cheltenham and distributed through Cygnus Music. The line up at the time consisted of Jo Oliver [lead vocals and lead guitar], myself, Charlotte Lewis [rhythm guitar], Ryan Stewart [drums and backing vocals] and James Maxwell [bass guitar]. This EP was released in November of 2019 across all major streaming sites as well as physical copies, we did a limited version of these as signed and each physical EP is printed with a doughnut on it.

Merch – When we first started out we decided to create some merchandise, this started with our original print logo, we later began developing these in to different designs. I had the idea of creating a dinosaur logo as a pun with our name ‘dinot out’ and we have future designs to release as well as looking at other designs aside from t-shirts and stickers such as caps and we want to do retro designs such as pogs alongside more up to date merchandise such as pop sockets and caps etc..

Livestreams and Vlogs – I created a Twitch channel for Down Not Out in order to stream games to our social media as well as playing with friends and fans trying to get people involved. It is mostly Ryan and myself who stream games such as Dead by Daylight with a few friends but recently we’ve been trying to play full games with the band and get fans involved. Whilst in isolation we all also collectively came up with the idea to begin doing vlogs called “DNO isolation diaries” each week we speak about what we can do a video about and record it through zoom. We give fans the option to suggest topic for us to discuss or do. We want to keep putting content out so we are able to keep fans engaged during this time. we also take the time to ensure we thank our fans when partaking in interviews and put our links where to find us. We want to ensure we’re easy to find and be in contact with.

Streaming Stats – We use the Spotify for artist’s app and website so check our stats and see where our music is most popular around the world. From this, we plan to use it in order to create a tour when we release our album. We planned to release our album this year, however, due to COVID 19 we have had to push it back to next year. Currently, our top 5 countries for plays are the UK, USA, Brazil, Canada and Spain. The top cities/towns from these include Gloucester, Cheltenham, London, Swindon and Chicago. In order to expand our listening countries, we often reach out to playlists with our songs and asked to be featured on them. We have gained many fans through this and we’re constantly growing as a band. I have created listening maps of most listened areas and I have attached these below. By collecting this information, we can use it to find out where we’re most popular worldwide and use this to target the correct people and get in to contact in the areas we could eventually play shows.

Surrounding area – listening map last 28 days – 22/05/2020
London – listening map last 28 days – 22/05/2020
UK – listening map last 28 days – 22/05/2020
International – listening map last 28 days – 22/05/2020