During this module I will be looking in to ways to manipulate and use a range of different software’s and hardware’s in order to make music and sounds relevant to personal projects. The four categories I will be looking at are existing hardware, existing software, framework hardware and framework software. I will be researching these categories in further detail by using resources such as YouTube videos, books and where possible contacting people in the relevant fields. I will also be using different software’s and hardware’s across the module to get a feel how each one works and will act differently depending on how you wish to use it and what this may benefit when it comes to using it for any pieces of work in the future.

I am currently interested in creating immersive sound and soundscapes for experiences such as escape rooms and walkthrough mazes like those experienced at Thorpe park fright nights and Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Orlando. I want my research to express how I have taken this into consideration and find the best and most efficient way to use items such as sensors and sound triggers to work out when is best to use them. I also want to try different software’s and see how different platforms can be used to their ability when it comes to creating sounds as I really want to get across that sound can hugely impact the way you experience attractions.