For those who aren’t familiar with the game Animal Crossing it’s a game series available from Nintendo with the newest addition to this being Animal Crossing: New Horizons which was released on the Nintendo Switch in March of 2020. In this game you play as a human who has moved to a deserted island and need to gather villagers in the form of multiple talking animals and build a house as well as populating the island with shops and attractions along the way. The game even lines up with real time events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You are able to gain items for you house including musical instruments, and this is where the fun starts. Each instrument is (slightly) playable meaning you can interact with them and they will make different noises. A YouTuber of the name Mako Ray realised this and took a sample of each tone of the instruments and decided to make an Animal Crossing cover of the famous Africa by Toto using Vegas Pro to stitch it together.

This video reached over two and a half million views and continues to draw people in. The fact that people are now using games to make music amazes me and I have put the finished product and photo of the final editing piece below for you to view and see how this amazing piece of work was made and what the final outcome was. Maybe even try it yourself!

Footage of the Animal Crossing cover of Toto being sown together.
Animal Crossing cover of Africa by Toto.