All over the internet you will be able to find all different kind of instruments that have been made out of everyday objects such as skateboards, crayons and even iPhones, all of these are impressive in their own right, however, one YouTube channel sticks out to me when thinking about object made instruments and that channel is Cranmer Guitars. Cranmer Guitars is ran by a Glaswegian man who builds guitars out from his workshop in Glasgow and has made some incredible pieces so far.

My favourite piece to date is the Mario guitar. The Mario guitar was a one off build and was made by 10,000 lollipop sticks and took around 800 hours to make. The entire guitar was made from the lollipop sticks from the body to the head of the guitar as oppose to just the body as usually seen on other videos.

Cranmer Guitars spent around 7 months working on the full build and documented the whole process which is a very interesting watch to see how these sticks gradually evolved in to the guitar whilst using a reference image to match the colours to the proper image.

Cranmer Guitars has a lot of different videos as well as a website where you can put in custom requests and see his other work. It’s truly remarkable some of the things which have been created and I have attached his website and videos below for you to view how amazing this truly is.

Full front view of the Mario guitar
Fret board of the Mario guitar
Headstock of the Mario guitar
Back view of the Mario guitar
Full build video filmed over several months.
Demo of the complete Mario guitar being played.