Laravel is an open source web framework built in the PHP scripting language which allows for standardised and rapid development of web applications and systems. Due to its open source nature and the use of the PHP language that it is built on, it is able to be used to build projects of a wide range of use cases.

One such is the Laravel music library which allows you to store personal music collections online and manipulate information specific to the user, for example uploading music files, creating playlists and retrieving various details about the stored music files, such as artist and track information.

The Laravel music library could be considered the equivalent of a private Spotify, where you are able to control your own music collection as opposed to this being done for you. A similar system to this one is Plex, which is a private streaming server which allows you to consume various forms of media, such as music, TV shows and Films, all of which are held in your own hardware.

The benefit to using a system such as the Laravel music library over a service such as Spotify is that because you control the data, your privacy and personal information is shielded from third parties such as advertising and marketing corporations which may use your media preferences in targeted ad campaigns.

Another benefit to this is that you do not have to pay a subscription fee as you control the service.