Rocksmith is a game for multiple platforms developed originally in 2011 by Ubisoft before being remastered in 2014. Rocksmith matches gameplay to Guitar Hero in the sense you have notes that appear on screen and you have to hit them in real time, the main difference with this game is that it requires you to use either a real guitar or bass and plug in to your platform with a Real Tone cable which is a s USB cable attached to a standard ​1⁄4 in (6.35 mm) output jack. While playing the game your level will increase and decrease automatically depending on how you’re doing on each individual song with each instrument.

 As with a lot of software and games that are released there is optional DLC you can purchase an add on, these packs include artist specific packs as well as packs based on year or even variety packs.

Due to the availability of being able to download DLC people then realised you must be able to mod Rocksmith and add your own custom songs in and people began to do so as well as starting to play via audio interfaces in order to record tracks.

Rocksmith is a unique game that allowed people to play real life instruments in a game style and it’s done extremely well in the past years and continues to release new updates and DLC regularly. I own it and it definitely made me a more confident guitarist whilst making it fun.