Immersity Creations Limited presents The Interchangeable Atmospheric Haunt. This one of a kind haunt allows you to change between three distinct themes.

Carnivore A trip to the circus has gone wrong when carnivorous killer clowns take over and try to make you a permanent member of the circus.

Let Us Meat You let’s take a trip to the local family meat shop, but don’t hang around for long rumour has it there’s more than meats the eye to these people.

Asylum We all know the stories about why you shouldn’t snoop around derelict places late at night. Now you find yourself trapped inside of an abandoned asylum with nothing but a flashlight. What’s that noise, surely it’s just your imagination.. right?

Allowing you to change between these themes means you only need one set of automaton and props and the rest is simple enough to change throughout the year and event when you so wish to do so saving you time and money all year around.

This project comes with three interchangeable themes as previously mentioned allowing you to run your haunt attraction year-round and changing out certain aspects to make the theme different when you feel like it.

This allows your event to be fully unique as you can add in your own touches and feel as well as some more Immersity installations to fit around whichever theme works best for you, allowing you to fully tailor your experience how you want it.

Immersity is a leading provider of bespoke creative solutions, specialising in immersive and interactive products and services. We began our journey by creating several automation pieces as part of a prototype for a university module assigned to Char, one of our co-founders. We instantly fell in love with the whole process and since then have worked to create more exciting creative solutions for our clients. To learn more about what we have been working on be sure to check out our portfolio.

Other collaborators on this project are listed below with the possibility of more to be added in the process:
Alex Winder
Gemma Averiss

Benjamin Rogers
Morgan Lyes

Once completed the final project will be held in a public-facing environment for an open test beta in May/June of 2022. It will also be videoed and uploaded to Immensity’s social media pages, website, and YouTube. If successful it will be implemented into a live attraction for Halloween 2022.