Installation beta for Interchangeable theme technical Halloween events to be trialled in June for audience participation and technical demonstration.

The demonstration will contain music, visual draw ups, videos, technical aspects and 3 interchangeable themes.

The themes will be the following –

  • Carnival
  • Asylum
  • Cannibal House

Audio tracks – Audio will be played accordingly depending on the theme at the time and if possible, will be controlled by a raspberry pi to keep all themes in line with all other aspects.

Theming will have a wooden backdropped sectioned into three with some basic ideas of how each theme can be extended further. This will just be for example purposes and each set would have a fully drawn up design using CAD (Computer-aided design) should they be used in a real-life setting.

Technical aspects will include a monitor with an interactive jump scare triggered by a sensor/button to activate a jump scare on screen. This will be controlled by a microcontroller and will depend on which theme is active depending on the video that will be active on screen.

The monitor jumpscare will be using videos from AtmosFear FX who create a variety of themes video effects for different situations. The video’s below will be the ones used for each theme.

Carnival – Creepy Clowns Creepster Preview Video

Asylum – Blood Walls Words Of Warning Preview Video

Cannibal House – Night Stalkers Startling Stalkers Preview Video

Dummy/Mannequin with a fake chainsaw, triggered by a sensor to make chainsaw noises and screams or laughter. Comes with interchangeable costumes for the prop.

Chainsaw prop motorised noise allowing actors to do a chainsaw chase.

Triggered smoke machine that goes off when triggered by a sensor.