The escape room Alex and I worked with wanted to host the website for their escape room locally on a Pi that is separate from the internet in case of any internet malfunctions or shutdowns. They wanted to set this up as a virtual machine in a way that allowed them to keep control of the website should any issues occur.

When planning out how this would be best to work we used to plan out the best way in order to execute this project which would be most beneficial to them and allow them to control everything they need to without the risk of any harmful things happening such as viruses or hackers.

Development of the project then took place which involved coding, writing scripts and organising the project around the web page puzzles we were provided with, as well as keeping website backups should they be necessary.

When it came to installing the Pi into the room all was successful though we did have to provide some feedback about flushing the database, However, the project was installed and working correctly and efficiently.

The feedback we received was good, Megan who runs the escape room was happy with the outcome and the invoice was raised. The internet also went offline a few days after we installed the Pi to run the website, luckily this project meant the website stayed online even with no internet connection.

My reflection on this project is that it worked very well. It hit all criteria that were requested by Megan for the escape room and it’s something which now we have done and have the correct code written we would be able to translate in the future. I hope to do further installations with them in the future.