I worked with a small collection of five people to create a series of voice reels for each person. I have created voice reels both with and without background music and ambient sounds. I did this by reaching out to people and asking if they would be interested in receiving a voice reel.

From here I began to receive audio files from the individuals who I arranged to make the voice reels for. I received these in a variety of ways both through email and google drive links.

After receiving these audio files I proceeded to assemble them using logic pro and editing the audio files when I needed to by using EQ and compressors if necessary. From the assembling, if the audio files required it from my point of view I added ambient music and background music for the necessary genres in each project reel.

Once these audio reels were completed I returned them to each individual who requested one, I then uploaded them to my SoundCloud in order to have them publically accessible for anyone who wishes to preview them. This was all agreed upon with each individual person before me doing so. As well as them agreeing to me placing this on my public portfolio as example work.

The feedback I have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive and each person seems to be happy to have different varieties of voice reels they can now use for auditions which they may wish to go for.

My final review for this project is that I’m extremely happy with how each of the voice reels turned out, I’m glad each person is happy so far and the feedback I’ve received is excellent. I enjoyed creating these voice reels and hope to work with some of the talents again in the future.