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Immersity Creations Limited presents The Interchangeable Atmospheric Haunt. This one of a kind haunt allows you to change between three distinct themes. Carnivore – A trip to the circus has gone wrong when carnivorous killer clowns take over and try to make you a permanent member of the circus. Let Us Meat You – let’s…

Market & Audience Playlists

Both of the above playlists contain videos who I take inspiration from or ideas that I plan to implement in the future. There are some videos from companies who are in the entertainment industry and who I hope to work with in the future. These companies include Univeral Studios, Disney and Meow Wolf to name…

Carnivore Mock Up Draw

Set design mockup of ideas for inside of Carnivore the carnival clown maze. By Gemma Averiss

Installation Beta Project Development

Installation beta for Interchangeable theme technical Halloween events to be trialled in June for audience participation and technical demonstration. The demonstration will contain music, visual draw ups, videos, technical aspects and 3 interchangeable themes. The themes will be the following – CarnivalAsylumCannibal House Audio tracks – Audio will be played accordingly depending on the theme…

Immersity Creations Limited

At Immersity we are passionate about bringing creative and immersive projects to life through the use of automation and computer systems. The name “Immersity” is an amalgamation of the words “Immersive” and “Interactivity”, as we aim to transfer these core values through to every single one of our creative products and services which we provide…

MD5357 – Hero Video & Production Report

MD5351 – Production Report

Worse For Wear – Remix

Remix of the title track Worse For Wear from Down Not Out’s EP Worse For Wear(2019)

Say What You Mean – Remix

Remix of Say What You Mean from Down Not Out’s EP Worse For Wear(2019)

Addams Family Animation Sound Design and Composition

Soundtrack recreation for The Addams Family animated film This is a recreation of the soundtrack for The Addams Family animated film 2019. For this, I stripped the original track completely and recreated all of the sound effects by using a combination of Foley and Sound design alongside friends to recreate the voices for this performance….