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Green Day – Father Of All… rhythm guitar cover

I have chosen to upload a cover of a band who I hold very close to my heart and who have also been a huge inspiration to my guitar playing over the years. Green Day’s genre are punk.

The inspiration from Green Day will be shown in my bands upcoming EP which will be released on November the 15th 2019.

I’ve taken inspiration from many punk and pop punk bands and I have been listening to them as my main genre from a very young age. Upon discovering Green Day around the age of 7 I instantly fell in love with them and have been following them ever since.

My guitar playing is a mixed form of inspiration from Billie Joe-Armstrong of Green Day with his hard strumming and using a style of shoulder strumming with hammering action whilst keeping a strong forearm. From here I also became interested in learning about guitar presets and how each album can have different sounds from guitar and I want to utilise this going forward in future projects and albums.

London PLASA Show

Induction Tasks
Return to the future show by Robe Lighting

Upon entering the PLASA show I found myself drawn toward toward the unmistakable sound of the back to the future jingle, getting closer to the area it was evident there was something going on as there was a replica Delorean with lights which trailed along the car and down the side shooting along in a light blue darting motion as if the car was travelling.

The use of lights in this production were used in a very interesting way ranging from spot lights across the top sections during dancing scenes to draw attention to the dancers at individual times of the show.

The end of the show to me was the most impressive as this is when the countdown sequence for a destruction was initiated for a final countdown where the fire machine set off ever second for the last 10 seconds along with a rain machine which was linked to a pump which reused water.

I found this very interesting in the way you can programme not only lights in a sequence but also fire and rain machines to make really awesome effects during different scenarios.

JTS Personal wireless systems

To me wireless systems have come so far and the things we’re able to do with them now is amazing. I have heard of brands such as Shure and Audio Technica but had never heard of JTS until the PLASA show.

Looking in to their wireless systems it shows that they do have amazing technology that they’re working with. When working with live sound I personally believe it’s essential to have a clear idea of what the audience are hearing to provide a good mix.

I personally find the use of IEM’s on stage very helpful, especially when it comes to each band member wanting a different mix it really helps with being able to hear yourself clearer than using floor monitors.

Skills Audit

Induction Tasks

I have been playing instruments in total for around 12 years I can play are the guitar, drums and bass. I am self taught on all of these.

I have been playing the drums for a total of 12 years, bass for a total of 8 years and guitar for 7 years. I have had experience of playing in multiple bands ranging from being a drummer to currently being as rhythm in a pop punk band called Down Not Out.

Down Not Out have progressed me as a musician and I’m so much more confident on stage now than when I used to be in other bands. We book shows around the country and are looking at booking a miniature tour next year following the release of our EP Worse For Wear which will be released on the 15th of November 2019.

I began to take music seriously when I decided to pick it up in sixth form. I always enjoyed music but taking music technology as an A-level made me realise things that I didn’t see at GCSE. How recordings work and how you are able to effect moods and have different ways of contributing to so many things.

I began using Logic Pro and Pro Tools in sixth form when taking music technology and I thoroughly enjoyed having the freedom and creativity to be able to record our own songs and having the support from different friends to record covers and original songs alike.